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We are a real estate group based in Barcelona, ​​specialized in residential and commercial real estate medium sized projects. Our objective is to satisfy the expectations and needs of the client, being respectful with the community and the environment.

The experience of the team in the real estate industry covers development of land, office projects, residential developments and commercial ventures in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona, ​​conforming an experienced, thoughtful and efficient team.

Team experience by project typology

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Real Estate projects committed to our environment

Vision and objectives: We believe in the evolution and positive transformation of homes, neighborhoods and cities. We appreciate local architecture and its constructive traditions, rooted in climate, culture and ways of life linked to the services offered by new technologies. We bring experience and vision to the projects so they can be enjoyed and last over time.

We work hard to give purpose and durability to our real estate projects, building homes that make cities a better world and add value to our clients.

Your property can be the following project committed to our environment:

we buy your property and / or find a creative solution.

Some of the projects developed with our participation


Family business, which operates in the real estate market of Barcelona and Catalonia, with more than 30 years of experience, dedicated to the development of new constructions and specialized in the integral refurbishment of residential buildings and offices. As a result of the sensitivity for the environment, the commitment with society and the final customers, we started a new stage of eco-sustainable construction in 2018. Our objective is to satisfy the expectations and needs of the clients, being respectful with the community and the environment, providing the most appropriate technological solutions to each project.

Environmentally committed


Tech solutions


CSR: Corporate social responsibility

Committed to our environment

We are aware of the impact of buildings on the environment, both in the construction phase and in its daily use. We study and execute projects, committed to our customers, cities and the environment.

Environment: it is estimated that the buildings emit approximately 30% of the CO2 emissions of the atmosphere globally.

Architecture and distribution: phase of vital importance to achieve a sustainable eco housing, the key points are volumetric definition, constructive solution, insulation, systems and facilities. The construction phase represents 47% of the house’s CO2 emissions.
Materials: mostly we work with durable local materials, with good thermal and insulating properties.

Energy efficiency: energy-sustainable housing allows the user to save 70% of energy compared to a conventional home.

Inspired by the Circular Economy model, our goal is to change the paradigm and move from a linear constructive model to the circular model.

Linear construction vs circular construction

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